Rejuvenate Roll-On Crystal Deodorant

90ml / 3 fl oz

River Veda’s Crystal Deodorant contains natural mineral salts which prevent body odor by creating an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. Formulated without perfumes or alcohol, our deodorant is non-sticky, non-staining, and safe for the whole family. The addition of Chamomile Flower extract provides an extra benefit, helping to soothe and moisturize shaved underarms.

Shake well and apply to the underarm for natural protection.

River Veda’s Crystal Deodorant is a natural, non-staining formulation that provides up to 24 hour protection against body (and foot) odor.
Potassium Alum is a mineral salt that is a naturally occurring compound and one of the most abundant substances on earth, just behind oxygen and silicon. Chamomile Flower Extract soothes and moisturises shaved underarms.
Unlike antiperspirants, this mineral salt deodorant allows the natural process of perspiration, rather than trying to block sweat or your body’s natural cooling process.
Paraben free, propylene glycol free, phthalate free and containing no harmful aluminums (aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium).
Fragrance free and Hypoallergenic.

Aqua (Purified Water), Natural Mineral Salts (Potassium Alum), Zinc Ricinoleate, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Anthemis Nobile Chamomile Flower Extract.